Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Coconut Flour Pancakes?!!

Yes I have finally mastered a fully working coconut flour recipe!
Before finally mastering this I spent hours last night and about 2 different batches of pancakes and the mixture just kept clumping together like a dough ball and was never a   a pancake batter consistency... 
I got really really annoyed with myself and the recipes I was following! 
 And you should know coconut flour doesn't come cheap!
(well not as cheap as normal flour anyways)
I bought mine at Holland and Barrett (Buy one get one half price at the moment!)

So after getting totally frustrated I left the kitchen and returned to my laptop and scrolled through the internet looking for more recipes and for any comments saying that more people had also failed!
And I found tons of people who had the same problems as me!!
This made me feel a whole lot better,
I also thought I would  check out youtube this way I could see the consistency I was trying to get!
I found a couple of videos which were helpful: LINKED HERE> - This is called "Flat Stomach Pancakes" - "Coconut Pancakes made easy!"

I found these really useful!

When I was trying to make my first batches the night before I was trying to just use egg whites, now this probably would have worked in the end if I had maybe doubled the amount of egg whites I was using and used about XL eggs! 
And I am going to try this out!
In the end the videos showed me and told me that you know just go ahead and use the whole egg!
I know "egg yolks" are very rarely used in healthy, eat clean recipes but the yolk aint really that bad so just use it!! :)

Anyways lets get down to the recipe!
I took this recipe from a lot of different US recipes and the youtube videos and adapted it to try and make sure mine worked!

RECIPE : Coconut Flour FLUFFY THICK pancakes 


- 3 Large Eggs
- 1/2 cup of Almond Milk
-  1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract 
- 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Flour
- 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Powder
- Sweetener to taste

-Low calorie/light butter or coconut oil


- Just before I started I turned the hob on and left the pan to heat up as it needs to be really really hot to stop the pancakes from sticking !

- Okay so I started with mixing all the wet ingredients together I whisked these together to make sure that it was all combined
-Stop when its frothy and has a few bubbles on the top
-I then added the coconut flour and baking powder 
-Mix this in a little with a fork
-Then whisk this up because it can be very very lumpy
If your mixture is very very runny then add a little more coconut flour 
BUT be wary coconut flour likes to soak up a lot of liquid and this is why I was failing before! 
-I then added a bit of sweetener on top and mixed in with a fork 
(I think I needed a little bit more as they weren't sweet enough for me)

-Next I added a knob of butter to the frying pan (or you can use a skillet)
-When this has melted all over the pan add a little of the mixture and spread out a little but leaving it slightly thick (thicker than crepes)
-When cooking these take a little longer than normal pancakes
-When slightly bubbled around the edges and when you can get a spatula right under it flip it over make sure to be careful as these can break really easily!

-Cook for a couple minutes on each side until browned off and looks cooked through!
-Repeat this with the rest of the mixture and stack up!

NOW do a little dance and then dig in!
(I did a massive jump for joy dance as I was so thrilled that I had finally succeeded at making a coconut flour pancake!)

Now as you can see I have quite a lot of pancakes here and I can tell you I only ate about half... all over IG everyone seems to have this many pancakes all pilled up and so I thought I could eat this much but couldn't!
 so I would say this recipe could feed two people!

- make sure to top with what ever you want!
 I used Walden Farms Pancake Syrup which is AMAZING and calorie free and fat free !!!
(Can buy on


Nutritional Information:
(now this can vary and I am not an expert so this is an average of what I have worked out from online and from the products I used)

Calories: 313 
Fat: 24.2g
Carbs: 6g

Okay the calories may seem high BUT
 you  could make this lower if you changed the eggs to eggs whites or an egg white substitute 
but you need the same amount of liquid!


Also I would like to highlight to you the nutritional values of normal pancakes:
520 calories 
14.g fat
Carbs: 90.9g
And that is for 2 pancakes!

Now of course this will change based on what ingredients used and all sorts of things but this just shows how different the values add up!!


Her blog is amazing!!

Okay so if you make these or have any questions PLEASE leave me a comment :)
and enjoy!!

Miss Tiffany Darling

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